TAGZMANIA Review – Master Social Media Tags For Big Profits

TAGZMANIA Review – Introduction

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your social media marketingthen using tags is a big component of this type of marketing. Carefully tailored tags specifically tailored to your offering is key. Today I am going to introduce an expert course on mastering the use of using tags to supercharge your marketing efforts. Courses  that cover this topic are rare and this one is very thorough.

TAGZMANIA was created by the team of Dawud Islam, Shelly Turner, and Nickaldo Harvey,

The skill set of this team combines Dawud Islams’ super affiliate acumen with Shelly and Nickaldo’s social media expertise to create a high value contribution to your affiliate marketing toolbox that is hard to find. This product is soreley needed by a large number of affiliate marketers.


TAGZMANIA is an in-depth video training on using social media tags to get big results from the main social media platforms. It shows how to master using tags on the top 8 social media platforms. These will offer you the biggest return on your time investment. You won’t need any special tech skill in order to master these extremely valuable techniques. TAGZMANIA is one of the only resources available to get social media tagging right.

Internet and affiliate marketing can be incredibly confusing for beginners, especially when they have limited technical skills.

One thing that often causes misunderstandings is the huge number of software products that are released that rely on social media platforms as their main source of free traffic. Now this is all well and good if you have got thousands of followers on all of the main networks, but of course most newbies that are just starting out don’t have. The few followers that they do have are probably mostly friends and family, who certainly don’t want to be spammed by affiliate marketing offers!

So, how does one get around this pretty major problem? Well the answer was so obvious that it really should be staring us all in the face – it’s by using the power of hashtags! So when two of Dawud’s academy students Shelly Turner and Nickaldo Harvey came to him with this method he thought that it must have been done somewhere before. But NO. There has not been a single product that he could find released in the past 3 years that teaches the simple but massively effective method of using hashtags for marketing purposes.

TAGSMANIA Video Review

On A Mission

The creators of TAGZMANIA were eager to fill in this major gap in the market with this extensive and far reaching course, going in depth on all EIGHT of the top social media platforms and teaching you how to use #hashtags on each one to 10 X your marketing results.

So if you are struggling to get followers, engagement and sales from social media platforms then you have come to the right place. TAGZMANIA gets that sorted as soon as TODAY because after you have spent a couple of hours studying this intensive course, you will never be short of social media followers or buyers ever again.

The other members of Dawud’s team were considerably younger than him and really understood how this stuff works – a classic example of the teacher getting taught by his students!

So jump in and join them as you learn, as indeed I did, about the incredible power of hashtags.

There is no hype or sales pitch on this page or inside the TAGZMANIA product, just a simple system explained with over the shoulder videos that are simple to follow and replicate.

TAGZMANIA Review – Features and Benefits

There are a plenty of features and countless benefits offered by TAGZMANIA. I have listed some of them below:

  1. Full training on how to use #hashtags for social media engagement, followers and sales
  2. Step by Step easy to follow videos
  3. Lots of free additional training and resources
  4. No Tech Skills Needed
  5. Totally Newbie Friendly
  6. No website or email list needed to start
  7. 8 x Major social media networks covered
  8. All the methods work perfectly in 2021

TAGZMANIA Review – My experience in using it?

I used tags to find and attend an industry event so that I could connect with potential prospects that had my same interests. The techniques in the training let me zero in on exactly the prospects that fit my niche.

I was able to follow the events that I found in the comfort of my own home with no airfare or conference fees needed.

Also I didn’t have to wait till the day of the event to get started. By using the conference hashtag, I was able to keep current on industry trends while connecting with the speakers, too.

Also, I was able to boost my presence, credibility and visibility. Firstly, I used it to participate in a few Twitter chats. I was able to share my expertise while also observing how the hashtags were used for engagement and tracking online impressions. And, I just copied what I saw. Bottom line, I was able to use hashtags that geotargeted users in my specific niche.

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