Content Samurai / Vidnami Is One Of The Top Video Creation Tools For Business

People want what people want. A well-known quote says that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. If that is true then how much is something with thousands of moving pictures worth? My point is that communicating ideas quickly is what today’s information consumers demand. The demand is growing as well. Relatively short videos can tell people about how a particular product or service can benefit them and they do it quickly.

Tools that can help a business create short videos that can communicate and sell are in demand. One such tool does this with aplomb. This is a tool that most any business is going to want in their advertising arsenal.

What is Content Samurai? – A Video Creation Warrior.

Content Samurai is a video creation kit that enables you to create professional videos very quickly. It is one of the top video creation apps for creating viral videos. It is suitable for all social media platforms. It creates sales page videos, training videos, videos for full complete course offerings etc.. This video creation software makes videos in no time with minimal mouse clicks. Ready-made templates help complete your videos with stunning professional looking results. Create them and upload them in record time.

An excellent feature of the Content Samurai is it’s extremely user friendly interface. No prior video editing skills needed. They have thought of everything. The technical challenges of creating a video have been thoughtfully addressed on this platform. They have done it in such a way that makes creating your video a breeze. It is very intuitive and easy.

Content Samurai Review Tutorial | Complete Walk through of Content Samurai

What’s Included With The Content Samurai Video Creation Service?

The Content Samurai has thoughtfully assembled everything that you need to create your video. All the images and clips that you will ever need are included.
The voice over feature that reads your scripts is the best I have ever used. You can ad external audio or record your own voice if you like but I consistently use the built-in audio text-to-speech feature for my videos.

Also included with the service are pre-built templates that allow you to make minor changes to an existing video template in order to produce your own. They have thought of everything.

The Ideal Content Samurai User?

The ideal Conant Samurai user is the seasoned affiliate marketer who needs to get out videos quickly. Also another ideal user would be the beginning video creator that needs all of the automated features that the service has to offer. Okay, I could go on and on. The bottom line is that the ideal user is most anyone. It mitigates the costs associate with video production. It let’s you focus on marketing strategy not video creation. Many businesses and individuals can benefit from this.

Using Content Samurai For Video Creation, Step-By-Step.

Step 1: start by hitting the button in the upper right area on the screen presented right after you login.

Step 2: you choose a template. You have to choose one even if you are not going to use any of its content.

Content Samura Dashboard

Step 3: The next step is to give your vi a name and then paste the script for the video into the script area. If you are not using the template content then you need to create your own script. Make sure that you separate each sentence by a line break. This is important because it helps he Content Samurai service to know when a new scene is needed. It useses the structure and content of your script to select appropriate screens and images. Further, it uses words from your script to decide which media, movie clips or images, should be presented with a particular part of your script. Make sure that your script is correct because going back to change it can affect your whole video.

Step 4: Preview your video and make any changes. During this step you can tell the service to add in voice narration or just show the chosen media with music only. You have the ability to show script text on the screen or remove it. There are many more editing options at your disposal. I usually spend most of my time on this step.

content samurai voice


Step 5: the final step is to render your video. You do this by hitting the video creation button. It creates the video and allows you to download it. That’s it.

How Much Does Content Samurai Cost?

Content Samurai costs nothing to try it out. You can download a 7 day free trial of Content Samurai.  After the trial is over the price is $47/month. They do discount this several times a year to $29/month.  Whatever price you get when you sign up is the price that you pay for the lifetime of your subscription. Check back on this page often to see if, or when, that offer may be running again.


The software is an excellent choice for ongoing internet marketing video production.