Quality Website Traffic – How To Get Traffic To Your Website

Quality targeted traffic is the quintessential goal of the online entrepreneur. The subject of free traffic is a very significant nuance to the traffic discussion in general. Per this the word free may be a misnomer. If time, talent, and effort have monetary value then free traffic mos certainly isn’t free.

A quick calculation of the time that you spend generating free traffic may provide you with some eye-opening results. That said free traffic may prove to be the cheapest over time. Done right, it generates traffic over a long period of time. It is arguably the most valuable traffic. The audience for free traffic is, if done right, very targetted and interested in what is being offered. They reached out for the specific resource that you are offering.

The reality is that the traffic plan of the successful internet marketeer includes both paid and free traffic. The type used depends on the requirement of whatever is being promoted. Let’s look at three free traffic generation methods.

Here are three of the most used free traffic generation methods:

  • Posting and Contributing to forums
  • Writing and Distributing your own articles
  • Buying and Writing Ezine ads

1. How To Increase Website Traffic Free By Posting and Contributing to Forums

Forums are a wonderful place to network with other like minded individuals. They can be a great place for knowledge sharing and more. If you join a forum the aforementioned reasons should always be observed. That said, many times, people use them to promote products and services as well. If you are a good forum member and provide value then, maybe, you can balance your promotion and contribution efforts to achieve a flow of traffic from this source.

The key is building credibility within the forum and between your fellow forum members. Your promotion is indirect because you are the key. If people trust you and appreciate the value you bring then they may be motivated to look further and follow your signature link.

If you adopt a forum traffic generating strategy, then resolve to be both an active and contributing member of the forum.

2. How To Get Cheap High Quality Website Traffic By Writing and Distributing your own Articles

The good article writer is a friend to both the reader and the search engines alike. Quality knowledge and information is the life blood of the internet and Providing content is it’s core business. There are good articles and there are bad junk articles. Good articles produce the most traffic.

Many very successful online businesses have a stable of excellent articles and posts generating a consistent stream of appreciative search engine rankings and readers eager to see what’s being offered.

You need to focus on consistently producing well written articles. If you are trying to get a blog started then you probably won’t see the magic begin until you have around 40 or so articles / posts. Each article should be at least 500 words. Another strategy involves submitting articles to article distribution sites. Make sure that you include a resource box linking back to your site. This traffic generation method requires submitting articles in a non-going basis.

3. Buying and Writing Ezine Ads To Increase Website Traffic.

The third traffic generating method that we will talk about is arguably the most finely targeted of the three. Also, it is the only paid method that we wil mention in this post. It involves the use of EZines. An EZine, for those of you that have never heard of this term, is the electronic version of a magazine. Many magazines appeal to a specific niche and thiss can be true for your EZine as well.

Per this you will be looking for EZines that match the niche of the offer that you are promoting. Do a search in your favorite search engine for the term “ezine directories,”. You should be able to find a number of suitable EZines using that tactic. You will need to write good copy to place in the advertisements that you buy from the EZine. Usually classified ads and solo ads are available. You will contact the EZines that meet your niche requirement and arrange to place your advertisements.

The solo EZine ads can prove to be the most effective but they also will be the most expensive. As with other methods of paid advertising, tracking is key. Not all of the traffic from each EZine will be equal so you will have to test to see which one provides the best results.


The three methods of traffic generation mentioned in this article involved posting and contributing to forums, writing and distributing your own articles and
buying and writing EZine ads. You can use all three in your overall traffic plan without significantly increasing your comprehensive plan budget.