Knowing Your Basic SEO Tenants Can Really Help

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be an important cog in your internet marketing wheel. If it is, then you should be the beneficiary of an excellent source of free traffic. Content is in-demand. Done right, your site could hold a very valuable commodity.

If your site is at the top of search results then there is evidence that people will remember your site. Your brand awareness is heightened because this positioning can drive the retention of your brand in a potential customer’s mind. The percentage of people that will both retain and recall this information can reach as high as 50 percent.

Several types of internet advertising seem to have never enjoyed widespread success. These types include titles (header) and banner ads. Any limited success in using these types of ads depended on placing them before many viewers in the hope that someone in the market might come across the advert and buy from it.

Things have changed because the general public has become accustomed to shopping online. Couple this with better targetting and now, no matter the medium, banner graphic or otherwise, people will by the things that they want.

Getting the person to the things that they want is done using keywords, wherever they can be found. Someone doing this kind of search puts them in the category of a highly qualified lead should you be able to attract them as a subscriber.

To do this you must structure your site in such a way that the search engines recognize it as one that would serve that person’s needs. The site should engage the customer favorably as well. Search engines are measuring all of these types of activities. They are comparing these activities, relative to your site, with other assets on the web and making decisions as to which site is the best destination, for their search customer. Knowing what the search engines want and what they measure is a big part of the SEO discipline. The art of SEO comes in acouple of ways. First it’s not always completely spelled out as to what the search engines want and secondly what they want changes. Keeping up with this is part of the SEO game.

Also, there is subjectivity in terms of what will work relative to engaging the customer and getting them to spend more of their time on your site rather than someone else’s site. Doing this effectively is more art than science.

Your site could be very pleasing to both your eyes and mind, possessing great content. But if the search engines don’t see it that way then only a relatively few people will ever come across it. Conversely if it enjoys excellent search rankings but it’s content is not really useful then that doesn’t work either. SEO is the effective marriage of content and structure. Both are needed to garner high SEO grades and its gift of abundant web traffic.