Bet On A Safelist To Make Money Even In Today’s Digital Marketplace

A Safelist Is …

Safelists are a community of persons that agree to send and receive promotional emails from one another.  They contain email addresses of individuals who have agreed to receive your advertisement. Safelists are “safe” because they provide a place for people to advertise without fear of being accused of spamming.  The mail gets to every member’s inbox in most cases.

Safelist Traffic Potential

It’s actually a good way to get your product out there in front of people but it requires your attention to the particular market that is a safelist.  You have to offer Safelist members what they want.  I mean what they really want. That is traffic, leads, and sales.

The benefits of Safelist advertising include:

1. They are affordable: The monetary cost can be ZERO.  It cost nothing to  join most safelists. That said, it will cost you time.  You can either surf to earn credits for your own advertising, or you can pay a very small cost for a paid subscription. Most paid subscriptions allow you to post more often and to more people. A word of advice, if you can afford it get a paid subscription.  Costs can be as little as $4 and up.

2. They can be targeted: You reach a targeted audience of other home business folks,affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs and information seekers.

3. They are legit: Once scoffed at as a cheesy time-wasting practice, Safelists are a legitimate marketing practice and have gained credibility and popularity. Spam laws and mail provider practices can severely limit traditional email marketing.  Conversely Safelist advertising allows marketers to both reach consumers easily and with their permission.  And, best of all, few restrictions on email content.

The best way to use safelists

The best way to use safelists is not to actually sell your product or goods, but to generate leads.  Include a link to your website in your safe list ad, and be sure the ad is enticing enough to make the recipient want to click on your link.  Then have a squeeze page that is enticing enough to persuade them to subscribe to your list.

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